Why Shrink Anxiety?

Your anxiety is meant to be a tool to help you, not a barrier to your resilience. Join Laura for this 6 week class to increase your personal resilience.

  • Identifying your Patterns gives you insight

  • A Reality Check gives you clarity

  • Add Strategies and your anxiety shrinks to size!

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome: We are so glad you are here

    • Before we get started

    • Disclaimer: This course is for personal education only

    • Laura's Story

    • What is Anxiety?

    • Beginning Reflections

    • Module I Wrap Up

  2. 2
    • Identify Your Pattern - what does your anxiety feel like?

    • Putting a Handle on Anxiety

    • WHAT do you feel anxious about?

    • Identifying Your Patterns

    • Module II Wrap Up

    • Anxious Behaviors List

  3. 3
    • Do a Reality Check - Tune In and Triage

    • Tune in to Yourself

    • Triage: How Urgent and or Important is This?

    • What about "World Peace"?

    • Tune In and Triage

    • Module III Wrap Up

    • Check in Questions

  4. 4
    • Management Strategies

    • Act on Your Anxiety

    • Reschedule Your Anxiety

    • Turn Your Anxiety Down

    • Anxiety Triage: Act on it / Reschedule it / Turn it Down

    • Coping Skills Menu

    • Module IV Wrap Up

    • Check In Questions

  5. 5
    • Remembering to Use Your Tools

    • Create Resilience Habits

    • Teach it to someone else

    • Keep the ideas in front of you

    • Create an Action Plan

    • Module V Wrap Up

  6. 6
    • See you around!

    • Final Check In

    • Feedback

    • Congratulations!


Laura Gaines

I’m Laura. I’m a writer, a coach, and a trainer. Having lived in three countries in my first 5 years of life I am fascinated by how different people live. I love all things water – swimming, kayaking, skiing (frozen water), and the beach. Resilience has interested me since high school. Everyone is resilient. Yet no one is as resilient as they can be – we can all learn and grow. I help people assess their areas of strength and weakness, become aware of unconscious competence, and prioritize their own needs. When you work with me, you will increase your personal resilience, find ways to model that in your areas of influence, and identify ways to teach it to those around you.

Introductory Pricing


  • How do I gain access to this class?

    This class is on a weekly schedule. When you purchase the course you will gain access to week one. The next 5 modules will be available one week at a time. The goal is for you to develop new habits regarding your anxiety. Focus on each module as it arrives.

  • What is included in each module?

    Each module includes a training video from Laura explaining the ideas in this section. Following that are readings and downloadable worksheets. You will gain the greatest benefit from doing the activities in the worksheets.

  • Is this course the same as counseling?

    No, this is an educational course meant for your personal use. This course does not establish a therapeutic relationships between you and Laura. If you feel you need specific personal advice please consult your doctor or an area mental health clinician.

Shrink Anxiety to Grow Resilience

You Deserve to Take Care of You

Anxiety is meant to keep you safe and healthy. This course is designed to shrink anxiety down to the right size for your resilience.

The Shrink Anxiety Course